all-natural, borax-free SLIME!

We’ve been making all-natural, borax-free Slime for a while now.
My blog post on it is from 2014…
and it’s actually one of my most successful posts!


My kids love playing with gooey, slimy stuff… and slime is a great sensory play – but I always felt uncomfortable with using chemicals for anything my kids will be playing with – especially in the case of babies and toddlers, who keep putting their fingers in their mouths.
Well… it turns out, the solution to making all-natural, non-toxic (even edible!) Slime is so simple, you won’t believe it 😀

Now I’ve finally gotten around to translating said blog post for my international readers.
So you can now read how to make borax-free Slime in THIS POST

..or you can watch my video-tutorial 🙂
(I specially made an English one!)

Die Deutsche Variante des Videos ist nun ebenfalls fertig:

Und den ursprünglichen Blogpost findet Ihr HIER

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